It’s high durability and vast range of styles including stone and wood effect can add that designer touch to your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else in your home.

When a busy lifestyle requires a low maintenance flooring material, our first recommendation would be vinyl flooring. Easy to maintain and clean, whilst retaining its aesthetic appeal, it is the perfect solution to replicating wood, stone, tile and more. Well suited to kitchens and bathrooms, we can offer you a tremendous selection of styles to suit whatever you needs desire.

Fuss free and functional, vinyl flooring can offer a striking finish to any room. It’s easy to clean and keeps looking great with minimum maintenance, making it ideal for busy family homes. In the past, vinyl flooring has been used mainly for bathrooms and kitchens, but it’s now considered a great way to inject some high-end style in to any room. With a wide range of styles available including plain, wood, tile, stone and mosaic vinyl flooring, you’ll be spoilt for choice when updating your home interior.

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